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BOTOX®is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the United States. Each year, millions of men and women from all over the country use this safe and effective procedure to temporarily reduce signs of aging and create a refreshed, youthful appearance. BOTOX® and Dysport can be used to treat fine facial wrinkles that are caused by repetitive facial muscle movements. These “dynamic” wrinkles include frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the outside of the eyes, and forehead lines. Catherine Gillon, RN, Aesthetic Nurse Injector alongside facial rejuvenation specialists, Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz, offers BOTOX® and Dysport in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina and South Carolina

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What is Botox?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-invasive injectable treatment that is used to improve fine lines and wrinkles. The active ingredient in BOTOX® is a safe, purified form of botulinum toxin that blocks the chemical signals that trigger muscle contractions. After a BOTOX® injection, the facial muscles relax and lines and wrinkles soften or even disappear. Effects last approximately three to four months as normal muscle action eventually returns. Many patients choose to continue receiving treatments every few months to maintain their results long-term.

In addition to facial wrinkles, BOTOX® may be used to treat neck bands, fine lines around the mouth and chin, and fine lines of the nose (“bunny lines”). The treatment can also be used as a complement to surgical procedures (such as brow lift, eyelid lift, or facelift) and injectable fillers, or for patients seeking a standalone, minimally-invasive treatment that provides a more youthful look.

Why Choose BOTOX®?

Most patients choose BOTOX® treatments because they are looking for effective, non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patients love the convenience of the treatment, which can often be completed in under 30 minutes and requires no downtime. Our Charlotte BOTOX®patients typically feel more youthful, vibrant, and confident following a BOTOX® treatment at our office.

Candidates for BOTOX®

The best candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic are healthy men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial muscle movements. Prospective patients should have realistic expectations for the treatment and understand its limitations.

People with a skin infection at the treatment site, allergies to the ingredients in BOTOX®, or those with muscle or nerve conditions should not get BOTOX® treatments. Women who are pregnant or nursing are also ineligible for the treatment.

Why Should I Choose Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery for BOTOX® in Charlotte, NC?

Catherine Gillon, RN, Aesthetic Nurse Injector, alongside plastic surgeons Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz, provides years of experience in the field and works with each patient to create a customized plan for cosmetic treatments and skin care.

Are There Alternatives to BOTOX®?

Dysport® is another popular brand of neuromodulator injections that we offer. Like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport® injections at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery is a type of injectable that blocks chemical signals that trigger muscle contractions to ease wrinkles.

Dysport® is set apart from other injectables for two reasons: Results tend to appear sooner, and it tends to very slightly diffuse into nearby tissue, making it well suited for treating areas where wrinkles are more spread out. Your doctor will help you determine which injectable is best suited for your unique needs.