Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery

The brow lift at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, also known as a forehead lift, is a powerful surgical procedure that rejuvenates the forehead, brows, and, in many cases, the upper eyelids, giving patients a refreshed, more youthful look. This is a common surgery at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, chosen by patients who want a more rested appearance.

Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz both use the brow lift to smooth out forehead lines and reposition the brow to counter the aging process. Striving for the most natural results, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz utilize the most advanced techniques to create facial harmony while avoiding appearing “overdone.”

Who is a Candidate for Brow Lift?

A gradual loss of structural skin components combined with repetitive muscle motion over time can lead to the development of horizontal creases and vertical frown lines on the forehead. In addition, volume loss and the downward pull of gravity cause overall sagging, which can hood the eyes and create a perpetual look of tiredness or anger.

Men and women who want a more naturally pleasant expression frequently choose a brow lift to counter the effects of aging and time. Talk to the Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery team to determine which brow lift technique would be best for you.