Scar Revision & Mole Removal

Sunscreen and other proper skincare practices do wonders for preserving a smooth, wrinkle-free face, but some marks may be unavoidable. Moles can develop entirely on their own, and scars are often the result of unforeseen accidents. Both are treatable, especially at the hands of a surgeon who has extensive education and practical experience in mole removal and scar revision.  In Charlotte, NC, Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz have unparalleled skill and dedication to excellence, applying these attributes to all patients seeking their services.

Our surgeons use multiple sophisticated techniques when performing mole removal and scar revision for patients from the Lake Norman area such as Cornelius, Huntersville, and Davidson; Lake Wylie communities including Tega Cay and India Hook; Belmont; Indian Trail; and other nearby cities. The best option will vary from patient to patient depending on the size and shape of the lesion or mark, the health and look of the surrounding skin, and other factors.

How Does Mole Removal Work?

Moles are lesions that occur naturally on the skin. They may be present since birth or develop with time and sun exposure. Moles may be associated with skin cancer, therefore any moles on the body should be regularly examined for changes in size, color, and other warning signs. Most moles, however, are harmless. Given their nature, moles may be removed for medical or cosmetic reasons.

As dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Surowitz and Dr. Garcia specialize in surgical removal. In some cases, a mole may be shaved and contoured flush with the surrounding skin. In other cases, it will be completely excised with an incision, followed by plastic surgery performed with the highest regard for a cosmetic closure.

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Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery combines the expertise of two dual board-certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeons for unparalleled patient care. Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz offer a unique collaborative approach to facial plastic surgery, working as a compassionate and highly trained duo to bring out the very best in you.

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How Is Scar Revision Surgery Performed?

Scars are permanent reminders of past trauma or surgery, but some are more noticeable than others due to their texture, color, width, position, and other factors. Particularly visible scars can be camouflaged with scar revision surgery so as to be much less noticeable.

Certain scars can be handled with a simple scar revision surgery that includes excising the scar and carefully closing the incision so the healing process leaves a much less noticeable mark.

In some cases, the scar is highly visible due to tension in the skin or due to the location of the scar. Surgical scar revision techniques involve your facial plastic surgeon easing the tension and in some cases reorienting the line of the scar itself to fall within the natural lines and contours of the face. Intentional irregularities in incisions and closures are quite effective at camouflaging the scar itself by tricking the eye.

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Are There Nonsurgical Options for Scar Revision?

Some scars respond to nonsurgical skin resurfacing. Certain acne scars can be treated with dermal fillers, which add volume to sunken areas and depressions to even out skin texture. A consultation will allow your facial plastic surgeon to examine your face and determine the best approach for scar revision in your unique case.

Reconstruction Beyond Scar Revision

Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz have extensive experience in reconstructive surgery on the skin after skin cancer surgery that has left a hole in the delicate features of the face.

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