Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery

At Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer otoplasty to all ages of patients. Depending on patient preference, otoplasty may be performed as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia.

Otoplasty | Charlotte, NC

Otoplasty or “Ear Pinning” for North Carolina

Functioning to “frame” the face, the ears are an important component of facial aesthetics. The shape, symmetry, and prominence of the ears are important characteristics of overall facial harmony. Often the result of heredity and in some cases trauma, anatomic deformities can result in protruding and/or misshapen ears. These can have profound effects on one’s self-confidence and may be particularly difficult for children. Otoplasty, also known as “ear pinning” is a powerful option to tailor the appearance of the ears, creating symmetry, balance, and appear in proportion with the rest of the face.

The surgery itself is an outpatient procedure lasting one to two hours. Each ear surgery is different, but may involve internal sutures to re-contour the ear, sutures to pull the ear closer to the head, or the removal of cartilage to make the ear smaller or a new shape. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz will camouflage any incisions by hiding them in the creases behind the ear.

Ear surgery patients can return home after the surgery. A headband is worn for several weeks as part of the recovery process, after which the newly shaped and proportioned ears will be sufficiently healed for a return to daily activities.

We also offer two other forms of ear surgery: earlobe repair and earlobe reduction. These surgeries are performed on earlobes that have been stretched or torn, either from wearing heavy earrings, or from trauma. This condition can be both aesthetically undesirable and physically uncomfortable.

When performing ear surgery, Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz draw on their experience as board-certified facial plastic surgeons to camouflage incisions in the natural contours of the ear, shaping the skin and cartilage into a new form and position that appear natural in its overall balance. Their ultimate goal is to reduce prominence/size, create symmetry and natural form to ensure that a patient’s various and unique facial features sit in harmony with each other.