Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz are uniquely qualified to address facial trauma and lacerations because of their extensive training in head and neck surgery and subspecialty training in facial plastic surgery. Having served as faculty at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz have extensive experience in managing facial trauma, including facial fractures and soft tissue injuries of the head, face, eyes, ears, nose, lips, and neck. Our surgeons apply their knowledge, experience, and artistic sense in order to restore structure and function, and provide optimal aesthetic results for patients in need of facial reconstruction surgery.

before and after photos in , , Facial Reconstruction in Charlotte, NC
before and after photos in , , Facial Reconstruction in Charlotte, NC

Common Traumas Requiring Facial Reconstruction

Facial injuries are a common occurrence. Facial trauma can often change facial contours and result in obvious disfigurement. At Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz understand the potential psychological impact of a significant facial injury. We approach each injury requiring facial reconstruction surgery with meticulous attention to detail and with emphasis on achieving the best cosmetic results.

Repairs in many facial reconstruction surgery cases involving fractured (broken) facial bones require moving the broken bones into place such that they are placed into their natural position. The bones are then secured into place to ensure proper healing. Wounds (lacerations) are precisely closed to maximize wound healing while minimizing scar formation.

In some cases, lacerations may allow your surgeon access to the necessary structures during facial reconstruction surgery, making new incisions unnecessary.

Note that procedures available for reconstruction at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery are for lacerations, broken facial bones, and similar trauma, not injuries from burns.