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A neck lift at Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery lifts and tightens the tissues of the neck, while removing and sculpting any excess fat to deliver long-lasting definition to the neck and jawline.

Neck Lift | Charlotte, NC

Tighten Sagging Neck with Neck Lift

Well-defined jaw and neck contours are an important component to facial harmony. With time and the natural aging process, the muscles and skin of the neck become loose (neck bands), and often fat is deposited below the chin (the so-called “double chin”) and throughout the neck. Facial plastic surgeons Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz are masters in facial rejuvenation with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and years of experience in achieving natural uncompromising results to restore a youthful neck contour.

A neck lift is one of the key components of a facelift. During facelift surgery, the tissues of the face and neck are simultaneously lifted and tightened. In many patients, a facelift (including neck lift) is the most ideal procedure to rejuvenate the lower face, jawline, and neck

In some cases, the tissues of the face and neck are affected differently by the aging process, with less significant facial aging, more neck aging, and resultant disharmony between the face and neck. In these individuals, a neck lift will improve the contour of the neck and restore balance to the lower face and the neck.

At Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, we focus on comprehensive facial rejuvenation, evaluating the entire face and creating a treatment plan to deliver outstanding results. Our unique two-surgeon collaborative approach results in the highest quality results, with a natural refreshed appearance, always avoiding looking “overdone.”