KYBELLA® Double Chin Treatment

KYBELLA is one of the newest and most effective ways to get rid of a double chin. The treatment is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that permanently destroys fat cells in the chin and neck region. At Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery, Catherine Gillon, RN, provides KYBELLA double chin treatment to Charlotte, NC, men and women who wish to reduce submental fat through minimally invasive, nonsurgical means.

What is Submental Fullness?

Submental fullness refers to the stubborn, subcutaneous (directly under the skin) fat deposits between the chin and neck. This fat is what creates the appearance of a double chin. It can affect both men and women, and can often lead to people appearing older or heavier than they actually are.

There are several factors that can contribute to submental fullness, such as genetics, aging, or weight gain. It is possible to reduce the size of fat cells with diet and exercise, but these strategies typically will not result in disappearance of unwanted submental fullness. In fact, it is very common for submental fat to be resistant to healthy eating and exercise, so even relatively fit individuals retain some persistent chin fat.

How Does KYBELLA Work?

KYBELLA contains a synthesized version of deoxycholic acid, a clear fluid that occurs naturally in our bodies. This bile salt destroys the membranes of fat cells through a process known as cytolysis or osmotic lysis, which is when a cell bursts due to excess water accumulation.

When injected into subcutaneous fat under the chin, KYBELLA causes destruction of the fat cells, which are then naturally absorbed and removed from the body. Since these fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body, they can no longer store or accumulate excess fat.

Catherine Gillon, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Injector

With more than 10 years of experience as an aesthetic injector and 20 years of experience in nursing, Catherine is your specialist for all things nonsurgical. She administers injectables and skincare treatments with expertise to get you looking and feeling your best without ever appearing unnatural or overdone.

Meet Catherine Gillon, RN

What to Expect from a KYBELLA Treatment Session

After cleansing the treatment area, Catherine will inject KYBELLA directly you’re your submental fat, carefully targeting specific locations to attain the best possible results.

Multiple injections are placed using a small needle to minimize pain and bruising. Each treatment session typically requires approximately 15 minutes. Generally, no local anesthetic is required, though some patients may request topical anesthesia.

What Is KYBELLA Recovery Like?

Immediately after a treatment session, you may experience some warmth, bruising, swelling, or numbness under the chin. Swelling will typically remain for several weeks. Some people choose to ice their injection sites to help manage any discomfort. Downtime from regular activities is usually not necessary unless specifically recommended. You will likely be able to resume your regular activities shortly after each session.

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How Many KYBELLA Treatments Will I Need?

You will be informed of how many injections treatment sessions you may need to achieve your goals. Every patient’s neck profile is unique. Catherine will thus tailor your treatment plan to achieve the best results. Generally, 2 to 4 treatment sessions are required, depending on your unique anatomy. 

Many of our patients have observed noticeable results after just a single session. About a month after completing all recommended KYBELLA treatments, most people achieve visible fat reduction in the treated area. These effects can continue to improve over the next 3 to 5 months.

Other Facial Contouring Treatments

The facelift at our Charlotte facial plastic surgery practice, a surgical solution for re-contouring the lower half of the face and neck, typically involves some liposuction to remove unwanted fat. During a facelift, the deeper tissues of the face and neck are suspended into a more youthful position, restoring contour to the midface, lower face, jawline, and neck.  In some cases, a neck lift may be performed to slim the neck without addressing the lower face.  

Masters in facial rejuvenation, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Surowitz offer the full complement of nonsurgical and surgical options to address facial and neck aging. During your consultation, they will listen to your goals, perform a physical exam, and guide you toward the best way to accomplish your desired results.

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If you would like to meet with our Charlotte KYBELLA specialists to discuss what is possible for you, please request your consultation online or call (980) 949-6544.

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